Rail Tower
Past, Present, and Future

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Union City Community's Rail Tower Portfolio

Why is this special? The history of the Union City Community is because of the railroads. In 1849, Union City was platted by Jeremiah Smith.

Government dignitaries from the States of Ohio and Indiana will be in attendance along with KISS-TV which will be streaming the event live. Local citizens as well as all contributors have been invited.

During the 1850's the Union City area became a hub for railroad traffic with up to five railroad lines meeting as well as crossing each other. To be able to manage all the railroad traffic, the rail lines built a tower (2 stories) to overlook the switching and the rail yards. Everything you can imagine having to be managed were controlled by the tower. Rail lines coming from the south east, north east, south west, west, and north west were converging within Union City many times each day. Union City was the Destination Point for everyone from all over the United States. It truly was the HUB to the West Coast as well as the East Coast, all areas of the South and North.

Our history is because of that tower, which is still upright and silently observing history being made. Many men worked within that tower to ensure safe passage by many trains both passenger and freight.

The current owner of the remaining two tracks, CSX Corporation, has known for a few years that Union City leaders wanted to save that tower for historical purposes as a reminder for how Union City came to be. CSX has been graciously waiting for the leaders to raise enough funds to move the tower to a new location. Rumor has it that it is the only remaining tower in the State of Indiana as all the others have been demolished.

Many in our community raised funds during the last two years . We have received a matching grant from the State of Indiana to not only relocate the tower but also renovate it as the destination point where visitors have access to materials about the Union City Community. And, since it will be the focal point for Artisan Park, the renovation will include restroom facilities for those attending Artisan Park festivities.

Further references as to how important the railroad as well as history for the Union City Community can be found in the following references:
      Indiana History  Several map images are within the article which reflect the importance of Union City in history
      Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad    As children, many in our community remember their parents telling them the Pennsylvania and New York Central railways crossed in Union City. There is significance to their statements since there was no other major juncture anywhere within any of the surrounding states, during that time period, that had this kind of a Hub for two major railroad operators between the 1850's and the late 1960's.

 The Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad would eventually merge in 1968 which in turn would change ownership, multiple times for various reasons, eventually becoming CSX Corporation.

The Rail Tower has been moved to the location within Artisan Park and is being renovated.


Moving Train Passing the Control Tower

Banners Attached to Many Utility Poles

Pad Construction for the Rail Tower

The Moving Rig for the Tower

Preparing for the Move

I-Beams in Place For Moving

The View of the Tower From the Crossing Gate Bar

The East Side of the Tower

The West Side of the Tower

The View to the North

The View to the North East