Union City is more than just IN and OH. It's a Community comprising of IN and OH and that's how the website will distinguish between The City of Union City Indiana and the the Village of Union City Ohio.

History is where we have been for Automotive, Trains, Trucks, Theater & Auditorium Seating as well as many other crafts. We learn from history because it makes us who and what we are. History guides us for the future. Mistakes we have made though without them we never would have learned what NOT to do.

The future is ours, IF WE WANT IT, as long as we EMBRACE change and remember our history and our mistakes of the past. This website, while developed and managed by private individuals with vision, is intended to reflect not only on our history as we know and remember it to be but also for the future whatever that may be. Various governmental and private enterprises/non-profits within Randolph County along with studies from Ball State University are showing us the way to economically achieve. Our goal is to bring together a lot of information and have it in one place so you do not have to hop, skip, and jump all over the Internet to find out what we have found out by that same method.

Government can't do it because that is not their job to do. Businesses can't do it because they need to focus on what they are doing to keep their businesses viable and profitable. Many of the local organizations have one to four projects to manage and do not have the manpower (womanpower) to achieve the coordination of all the information. Our team does and that is what sets us apart from all the others. We care and this website will do what it can to keep you abreast about our future.

Thus, to be successful on all fronts requires the Community to come together with a common goal or sets of goals. If the Community (both Indiana and Ohio) don't what a better future, it will never happen as we are only one community out of hundreds of thousands of communities through out the United States competing for a better future. Are you up to it? If you are, come and help us do what needs to be done as a COMMUNITY not as ragtag individuals.

We hope to show you a glimpse of what Union City has to offer. Let's get the juices rolling and keep the thought which a toy train would always think about while going up an elevated slope with a ton of coal trying to pull that train back down. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" eventually getting to a level surface where the struggle to succeed was worth the effort.  "I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could!"

We will be developing other pages to show off the various organizations which allow Union City to be thriving and growing.  There are many organizations moving to our little town because the cost of living is low, government is working to insure success for those organizations, and the Economic Development teams at the local level as well as the County level (Darke County Ohio and Randolph County Indiana) to insure success.

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The website changes and adds material at least once a week, sometimes more often.  Every once in a while we run into a few glitches and our technical team, located in Vancouver Canada, does a really good job in helping us over the hurdles as quickly as possible.  Thus, if you see something weird, please send us an email to webmaster@ucinoh.us.  We will respond as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.


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Randolph County Indiana Video Courtesy of Missy Williams of Randolph County United. Union City, The Destination Point, is featured towards the last quarter of the video. The video was created and produced by KISS-TV which is a vocational broadcasting organization led entirely by students of UCJSHS. We do weekly shows, sporting events, and more.  KISS TV is located in Union City, Indiana.
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